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The Employer Talent Pipeline

The Employer Talent Pipeline(ETP) emerged from coordinated efforts by regional STEM networks at Delta College and Mid Michigan College. The key outcomes include creating more partnerships for students to get on-the-job experience with local employers through internship, co-op and other experiential learning opportunities and working with employers to support continuous demand forecasting to training providers.

ETP Pyramid (Click to view larger)

The Employer Talent Pipeline activities are now supported by an Employer Talent Pipeline lead, Carol McCaul and the Great Lakes Bay Regional Alliance staff.  Carol can be accessed at the contact information below.  She assists both educators and businesses in making connections to improve work-based learning. Another aspect of the work is to educate students about high-demand, high-wage positions that can improve both quality of life and the economy.

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WHY your business should care about building a STEM-based Talent Pipeline:

  • STEM jobs grew at 300% the rate of other jobs in the last decade
  • 71% of employers reported having difficulty hiring for a STEM job within the last 12 months
  • STEM skills are required for a wide range of in-demand occupations
  • 76% of employers reported that for their most in-demand positions, trained talent is difficult to find
  • Developing a talent pipeline can reduce your time spent recruiting, which increases profits.

BENEFITS to your business:

  • Grow your talent pipeline
  • Save money
  • Save time
  • Increase intellectual capital

Work Based Learning Opportunities

Internship Opportunities

Learn about the latest details on creating internship opportunities, access State of Michigan resources, and discover opportunities for financial support for internships.


Work Base Learning Coordinators by School and County

Helpful Articles: 

Work-Based Learning: Myth vs. Fact

Getting Started Checklist for Employers

Resources from the Work-based Learning division of the Department of Education




Work Based Learning Opportunities in the Great Lakes Bay Region:

Internships provide an opportunity for students to learn in a real-world work environment, and are offered through partnerships with local businesses and organizations.

Contact: Amy Dykhouse at (989 317-4613 or



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