Learn more about USA BMX STEAM Bike Kits and how they build community

Teach me to build a bike, and I will build a community!

If you don’t know about the world of BMX, it is a dynamic sport with a ton of learning opportunities!

What is BMX?

BMX is one-part Olympic Sport, one-part gravity defying Physics, one-part accessible transportation and one-part problem-based learning that all results in next-level, community-based STEM engagement!

In 2018, approximately 4.7 million U.S. kids ages 6-12 regularly participated in bicycling (16% of that population), according to the Sports & Fitness Industry Association data reflected in Project Play’s 2019 State of Play report.

What is a USA BMX STEAM Kit?

  • Kits are best suited for elementary school students grades 3-5 but can be adjusted to fit middle school grades 6-8.
  • The six-module curriculum is equal parts education, athletics, and exercise
  • Written by a former BMX Racer who has a PhD in Science Education
  • Students use BMX bikes to perform various experiments to explore the world of STEAM, all while learning the basic fundamentals of BMX cycling and racing
  • The program is aligned with many state STEM standards, including NGSS, and incorporates a pre/post testing element that assists with outcome-based reporting.

We have a bike club, why USABMX STEAM Kits? They offer…

  • Track Building – Explore Geosciences
  • Bike Building – Explore Engineering and Physics
  • Bike Construction – Explore Materials Science
  • Experience in selection and use of hand tools
  • Olympic Sport – Explore Data Analytics
  • Project BIKE TECH
  • Educator Training
  • Exercise
  • Community Engagement


Check out more about the track record of BMX STEAM Kits here:


Each USA BMX STEAM Bike Kit include 5 USA BMX Bikes and results in a transformative STEAM experience for up to 20 students!

The cost of USA BMX STEAM Bike Kit is $2,499 and contains the following:

  • Complete curriculum providing eight (6) modules, filled with photos, step-by-step walk-throughs and outcomes
  • Five Mongoose BMX bikes
  • Five BMX safety helmets
  • Five Bluetooth wireless cycling computers
  • One bike stand for builds, repairs, and modifications
  • One complete set of bike tools
  • One bike pump with pressure gauge
  • Five alternative tread tires (to be used on front tire in module #6)
  • Two spare inner tubes
  • Each student receives a free One-Day Membership to USA BMX


Catch USA BMX Bikes in action here: https://www.usabmxfoundation.org/

For more information on BMX STEAM Kits, check out the following links:

https://www.usabmxfoundation.org/https://www.usabmxfoundation.org/usabmx-foundation-programsBMX STEAM Kit Contact
Noah SzymanskiEmail: [email protected]
Phone- 480-961-1903 X178



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