Saginaw STEM Host Events & After-School Programs

Are you interested in getting your kids into STEM programming weekly or monthly? Saginaw STEM hosts opportunities to get involved with Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics. Here’s an overview of the past events held by Saginaw STEM as well as upcoming events to get on your calendar.

STEM Saturdays

One Saturday of each month, Saginaw STEM hosts “STEM Saturday” events. Each event has a different theme where students learn about a specific topic in the field of STEM. To attend, parents or guardians simply register their students for the three-hour workshop. Attendance is free for all K-12 students. Below is a list of the upcoming STEM Saturday events.

Upcoming Events

May 2022: Lungs and the Respiratory System

Another great one for those interested in healthcare or veterinary medicine! Students will dissect a pig or sheep lung and examine its respiratory properties on our May STEM Saturday.

June 2022: What Floats Your Boat? Buoyancy and Density

This workshop is scheduled for June 17 (the second to last Saturday). During this session, students will learn the principles of buoyancy and density. This will allow them to design and build their own boat as a hands-on way to understand why solids can float. Once built, they can test the boats competitively in shallow STEM GLOBAL-made ponds.

July 2022: 1-2-3 Blast Off: Rockets!

On this session scheduled for July 30, students will learn Newton’s Three Laws of Motion as well as the fundamentals of rockets. They’ll then collaborate as a team to build their own working rockets. Perfect for those aspiring to work at NASA or the Aerospace Industry!

First Things First After School Program

Does your child want to get involved with STEM activities more than once a month? Check out Saginaw STEM’s after-school program “First Things First” that’s currently in its pilot phase. We currently have 14 students registered, 8 from Arthur Hill High School and 6 from Saginaw High School. We meet every Tuesday and Thursday from 3pm-5:30pm. 

 In Phase I (January 24, 2022, to June 30, 2022), students will work with industry professionals to design and build a dune buggy from a go-kart kit with a gas engine. They will then convert the gas engine into an electric vehicle.  

 In Phase 2 (October 2022 to July 2023), students will work with industry professionals to design, build, and test a solar vehicle then travel to compete in the Solar Car Challenge national competition at Texas Motor Speedway.  

Final Thoughts 

Are you interested in joining Saginaw STEM either for after-school enrichment or monthly Saturday workshops? Visit here to learn more about the available programming! 


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