Michigan Learning Channel – Keeping Students Engaged in STEM Learning

The Michigan Learning Channel (MLC) is a statewide public television partnership offering instructional content to support the education of students and to provide alternative resources for families and teachers year-round. Designed to enrich school learning, the instructional content is aligned with Michigan’s educational standards and follows widely accepted sequences for mastering skills throughout the school year.

This programming is being broadcast on special on-air channels established by each of the participating public television stations in Michigan. It is also available as a livestream and stored for on-demand viewing on a variety of digital platforms, ensuring accessibility to all students, teachers, and families in the state.

All content is offered at no cost to schools, families, and caregivers.

The Michigan Learning Channel has everything kids need to continue building their STEM skills and learning key concepts that will help them succeed in school and beyond!

DIY Science Time

DIY Science Time investigates the world through experiments, demonstrations and activities. Viewers are invited to join host Mister C. and his science crew to complete fun DIY science experiments using everyday household materials. DIY Science Time is designed for students in grades 4th-6th, but may also be of interest to younger or older children.

Curious Crew

How does that work? What happens next? Emmy award-winner Dr. Rob Stephenson and the Curious Crew capture the interest of inquisitive kids by taking a hands-on approach to investigating principles of science, technology, engineering and math (STEM). Visit the official website for additional resources and more information about the show.


Engage Kids in STEM Learning at Home

Here are some great ways you can use the Michigan Learning Channel at home to engage kids in STEM learning:

  • Co-watch a show together as a family and complete the experiment.
  • Become a scientist yourself and investigate your own science experiments and projects based on a concept learned while viewing a show.
  • Turn storytime into a science adventure! Use a story from the show to create a STEM experience.

For more information contact Lauren Saj at laurensaj@delta.edu or by phone (989)686-934.

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