Discover How Germs Spread with New STEM Exhibit at Midland Center for the Arts

‘Happy Birthday to me, Happy Birthday to me…’ might be the common tune we all learned to hum in our heads as children when washing our hands; a song the CDC suggests to sing through twice in order to effectively hand-wash long enough to kill germs and stop the spread of viruses. What might seem like a silly way to remind us to keep our hands lathered with soap and under warm water for 20 seconds, is now – after this past year of a deadly pandemic – a way that we can each help to save lives!

But how do we teach our kids the importance of this? How do we introduce the realities of this past year in a way that is informative, yet still fun? Look no further than the new pop-up exhibit at Midland Center for the Arts as the microscopic world of viruses, bacteria and other microbes are under review for families to discover what makes us sick and how we can combat little microbes with various healthy living choices.

While the family-based STEM museum at the Center, the Alden B. Dow Museum of Science & Art, remains closed and without power due to the historic flood of 2020, they have reimagined the Brick Lobby as a pop-up Museum experience for science exploration and visual art displays.

From the Inside Out: Little Microbes and Their Big Impact was designed to lighten the conversation on germs and their role in the world through limited contact activities like the Germ Shooting Range, and a giant Operation Game, as well as the New York Hall of Science’s traveling exhibits that delve into the facts about transmission and prevention. 

The exhibit features many interactive and unique games and activities for kids of all ages, while also exploring what was learned during the pandemic that parents will enjoy too. The novel coronavirus was a teaching moment for us all, and the exhibit explores how it spreads, what was special about COVID-19 and why it’s important for scientists in different countries to share information globally.

Both of the New York Hall of Science’s exhibit, Science Behind the News: Viruses and Science Behind the News: Vaccines will be available in English and Spanish to understand this ongoing conversation to inform communities around the globe to empower them to feel confident in understanding the facts.

Families looking to explore this pop-up exhibit have a special opportunity to visit it for FREE. Through a special partnership with Dupont, the exhibit has been made available with free admission for families to continue to learn about how we can protect our communities and stop the spread of other viruses.

This exhibit is now open weekly through September 4 in the Brick Lobby at Midland Center for the Arts. Visitors can explore From the Inside Out Thursday evenings 5 – 8 p.m., and Fridays and Saturdays 12 – 4 p.m. Learn more about this exhibit along with other pop-up exhibits around the community by visiting


**The Midland Center for the Arts is a participant in the STEM Passport.  Visit and attend (virtual or in-person) events and receive a $25 gift card courtesy of MiSTEM.  Learn more:

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