Midland Center for the Arts Brings STEM to Your Home in 2021

A New Year with New Possibilities

As we bid farewell to 2020 and welcome the new year, we know that many families are grateful
for a fresh start and eager to see what 2021 has in store. Last year challenged us, but these
challenges made us braver, bolder, more creative and grateful for all of the meaningful
relationships in our lives and the technology that helped us maintain those relationships.
As we send our kids back to their room for the remaining year of virtually learning, parents and
families can take advantage of the many opportunities for young explorers to participate in
STEM activities through Midland Center for the Arts. From virtual field trips for your child’s
classroom, to youth classes and family discovery days, the Center has something suited for kids
of all ages.

Virtual family STEM events at the Midland Center for the Arts 

Virtual Workshops

The Center is offering virtual workshops for an in-depth view of virtual art, history and a lot of
science! Students can take a trip back in time with virtual history programs and a virtual tour of
the Hall of Ideas. They can learn about the revolution of the auto industry, discover the
techniques of printmaking during a virtual art workshop or participate in interactive science
experiments such as fantastic forces or the magic of electricity.

Virtual Workshops are available to teachers for just $50 per class, with supply kits available for
an additional charge upon request. A few of the topics discussed in these engaging workshops

  • Amazing Magnets: Explore the movement of objects and the basic properties of magnets during
    an engaging story time. After, students will create a unique magnetic work of art. Grades
  • Operation Erosion: Explore the engineering design process and the causes and effects of erosion
    working in teams to devise a way to prevent beach erosion. Grades 1-5.
  • Fascinating Flight: Get immersed in the science of flight as learning about Bernoulli’s Principle
    and Newton’s Laws! Participants also will build their own unique flying contraption and put it to
    the test! Grades 6-8.


Family Discovery Days

While the virtual workshops are great opportunities to introduce to your child’s teacher for
activities in the classroom, the Center has several educational opportunities that bring the
whole family together with Family Discovery Days. These virtual events from the Alden B. Dow
Museum of Science & Art bring engaging, family-friendly activities, presentations and much
more to inspire your kids about STEM!

A kit to participate in one of the Family Discovery Days costs just $7 or $5 for Museum
Members and can be purchased online at midlandcenter.org/MuseumEvents. A few of the
upcoming Family Discovery Days include:

  • I <3 Science: Celebrate Valentine’s Day early as we learn about heart health, amazing
    innovations in medical technology, and well-being science. Join us virtually for special health
    talks, a hands-on heart activity, and even a virtual dance lesson!  RSVP LINK
  • Pi Day: Celebrate Pi Day virtually with special STEM demonstrations, create a unique work of art
    inspired by Pi and more!

While the year ahead may still feel uncertain, Midland Center for the Arts is here to ensure that
families don’t run out of activities and opportunities to explore STEM from the comforts of your
home. With new STEM activities, virtual workshops and family discovery days, 2021 is already
looking up and there is a lot to look forward to.


The Midland Center for the Arts is located at 1801 W. Saint Andrews, Midland, Michigan.  Learn more about their events by following them on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram or visiting their website: midlandcenter.org.


**The Midland Center for the Arts is a participant in the STEM Passport.  Visit and attend (virtual or in-person) events and receive a $25 gift card courtesy of MiSTEM.  Learn more: https://www.stempipeline.com/out-of-school-time/stem-passport-2020-2021/

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