STEM Education Begins at Birth – Early On

So often we think of STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) as a concept reserved only for our older students. Certainly, a baby isn’t interested in becoming a scientist. However, all infants from birth have one thing in common, an instant desire to problem solve. Infants problem solve as they learn to stack blocks, experiment with cause and effect, and establish object permanence. Toddlers continue this process of problem solving. They attempt to figure out how to get their needs met, learn the vocabulary of the world around them, and how to navigate social situations. All of these skills build solid foundations to launch the infant and toddler into the next stage of their development.

The Great Lakes Bay Region has access to many resources to assist parents with helping their child have a solid foundation in early cognitive, language, social, and motor skills. One such resource is Early On. Early On is an early intervention service for infants and toddlers with developmental delays. Utilizing a home visiting system, providers will empower parents with techniques and education to help their child grow and develop. Parents, physicians, childcare providers, and educators can refer a child to Early On for services if they have concerns that a child has a developmental delay or a preexisting medical condition.

If you have concerns about a child birth to age 3, don’t worry….but don’t wait! Refer them now to you local Early On Program!

Call: 1-800-Early-On (1-800-327-5966)

Visit the Early On website:

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