Nexteer Automotive Work-Based Learning Experiences

Nexteer is fortunate to have a long history with work-based learning experiences for students. We have great relationships with the career services departments at the various schools we recruit from and have been working on these relationships as well as branding at the various schools for many years. This was especially helpful when we changed names from Delphi to Nexteer. That was a huge obstacle for us because people didn’t recognize our brand and this is especially important when it comes to hiring and promoting our brand and career opportunities. The individuals in the career services departments know who Nexteer is and what we do and therefore help refer students to our job postings.

Once students apply to our postings, we review their applications and we screen the students with a phone interview before inviting students to an onsite interview. We want to make sure that the student is not only a good fit academically but also culturally.

We are blessed to have had such a strong student program for 25+ years. Our student program is a feeder pool into our full time organization. We try to hire as many of our co-ops and interns as possible when we have openings and the fit is appropriate. Additionally, we use our current students as ambassadors to help spread the word about our opportunities!

To learn more about work-based learning opportunities at Nexteer, contact:

Sarah Maday
Talent Manager Supervisor
Nexteer Automotive

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