Purpose of the mini-grant

The primary purpose of this mini-grant funding is to provide STEM access and equity opportunities to underserved populations, including minority groups, girls, rurally-isolated students, and children living in poverty. There are approximately 50,000 children ages 0-8 in the 8 counties within prosperity region 5. Roughly one-third of those students are from low-income households with a range of 21% in Midland County to 38% in the Clare-Gladwin RESD. The project is inspired by the Equality of Opportunity Project (http://www.equality-of-opportunity.org/), including the article America’s Lost Einstein’s, and the recent research from the Center for Childhood Creativity, “The Roots of STEM Success: Changing Early Learning Experiences to Build Lifelong Thinking Skills.” Both bodies of research clearly demonstrate the immense need to address STEM access for at-risk children and the need to mitigate access and equity with an upstream approach, very early in a child’s life.

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Your proposed projects will seek to:

  • Mitigate STEM access and equity challenges for at-risk groups across the region
  • Reduce random acts of STEM (lack of alignment to standards and coherency)
  • Improve early childhood academic math and science outcomes; school readiness
  • Improve future STEM talent needed for a dynamic and rapidly changing economy
  • Increase families’ awareness of the importance of STEM and local STEM assets
  • And, better connect our regional STEM Learning Ecosystem!

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Should you have questions, please contact:

Lori Flippin, STEM Impact Initiative Leader, 989-695-6100, lflippin@greatlakesbay.org

Rich VanTol, Out-of-School Time STEM Network Leader, 989-233-8729, vantolr@baisd.net